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WEB design

Web design is more than just a pretty website. It is a complex process that only properly designed and implemented will allow you to effectively achieve your goals. Therefore, it is worth entrusting the design of the website along with accompanying marketing activities to an experienced and trusted Creative Agency.
Design Partners is a Branding Studio with many years of experience in comprehensive web design services. For the needs of our clients, we create original concepts of brand visibility in the online environment, while providing professional graphic services. Website graphics occupy an important place in the web design service. We treat a graphic design as a business card, the task of which is to attract and maintain the attention of a potential customer, and at the same time provide him with the necessary information about the brand and product and / or service. Our design studio is located in Warsaw. We create them especially for you from scratch, so that the end result will delight and meet all your expectations.

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An inseparable element of every business is a website. It improves contacts with customers, increases interest in the product and proves the quality and reputation of the company. Therefore, its design cannot be accidental.

What we will do:

  • creating a sitemap
  • website functionality analysis
  • UI graphic design
  • encoding
  • website implementation

What you get:

  • mood board
  • initial homepage concept based on original graphics created for you
  • ready design of the home page and subpages
  • draft page to test
  • encoded website installed on your or our server
  • CMS system for editing content on the website

Internet shops

We have known for a long time that online stores are not only a supplement to stationary trade, but more and more often they become the only sales channel, and that is why it is so important that your store is designed and implemented at the highest level.

What we will do:

  • analysis of the brief, your needs and store functionality
  • graphic design
  • store coding based on the selected e-commerce system
  • integration with external

What you get:

  • mood board
  • initial homepage concept based on original graphics created for you
  • ready design of the home page and subpages, the shop is integrated with shipping, sales and payment platforms
  • CMS system for managing products and orders

Landing page (services and products)

This is where the potential customer is directed after clicking on the advertising banner. This type of page is the perfect tool for generating leads as well as closing sales. Only a properly designed landing page will turn people visiting your pages into real customers.

What we will do:

  • adapting the project to your needs
  • graphic design
  • page coding and implementation

What you get:

  • mood board
  • initial page design
  • refined individual graphic concept
  • coded and published page with the CMS system

Website graphics

In our creations, we use only original graphic concepts that we prepare for the needs of a specific website, online store or landing page. Our team makes every effort to ensure that the graphics of the website best express the character of the brand, and at the same time are consistent with the adopted visual identification system. This translates into building a recognizable brand that effectively communicates with the target group. The websites we create are tailored to the needs of customers who are most important to us. We take care of every detail of the designed website so that the visual whole is consistent.

Comprehensive web design

We have already mentioned that web design is a complex process that goes far beyond the preparation of an aesthetic and visually attractive website. So what does the service include?
As part of the web design service, we provide:

  • preparation of the page structure (the so-called page tree),
  • layout development,
  • website graphic design,
  • adapting the website to the requirements of mobile devices (the so-called responsive website)
  • selection of website and brand promotion channels in the online environment (FB, YT, G+, IG, TT, in, P).

The structure and layout of the website are the features of the website, which we adjust each time to the nature of the brand/product/service and the specificity of the represented industry. Adapting the mechanism to the forecasted content is also of great importance for the proper functioning of the website.

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